Promoting and Defending the Christian View of Science

An Apologetic work of the Bremen Church of Christ

Our mission is to promote science among Christian people and provide a strong defense against the secular attacks made to Christians who study and do science.

Our Current Project
Eliminating Evolutionary Dominance
Evolution in Science Curriculum

Beginning in 2009 an effort was made by churches in the West Georgia area to confront the pushing evolutionary teaching into the minds of children. This effort entailed the evolutionists using the updates to state curriculum to implement their agenda. Our effort was to study how this was done and confront people and processes used. The good news is much was accomplished.

Parent Study Guide for Evolution

Parents are often unaware or do not know how to learn what their child is learning. Many times the school has curriculum info to look at and the teacher has a page about the class. Read this guide to learn more about what your child is being taught about evolution.