What Can I do?

What Can I Do as an Individual?More than you may think!

The first thing to do is pray about this matter.  Live a faithful consistent Christian life and exercise your freedom with courage and armed with knowledge relying on God.

The second thing you can do is become educated about this issue using quality resources. Read the Start Here button on the Christians4Science homepage. Most people are not aware this issue is not complicated.

Third, recognize that you can not be neutral and avoid action.  With basic information, you can email your local and state school board officials.  You can write your state legislature representatives.  If all concerned citizens would do that it would make an impact.

Next you can study about creation versus evolution.  The more you learn about this issue, the easier it will be to become engaged.  You are urged to read books and articles about this subject.  The following links below will help.

www.apologeticspress.org       Apologetics Resource for Bible Christians 

www.answersingenesis.org      Probably the most influential site based upon the Christian Worldview  

www.icr.org                           Probably the most scientific and academic resource for Christians

www.focuspress.org                   Thought provoking apologetics and publisher of Think Magazine

Here are other things you can do.  Contact your local board of education.  Find out who your local board member is and talk to them over the phone.  Ask to address the board in a local meeting.  Contact the science coordinator for your county.  Express your concern to them. Give them some facts not just a complaint. Contact your state science coordinator, your state superintendent and the governor.  If these individuals are not contacted, then they have no reason to believe the citizens have any concern over this issue.  That is just the way it is.  Darwinists are hoping for a weak public response.  

Remember students being taught evolution are not just from families who believe as they do, but are your children and influence your community.

Sign our Petition.  This is needed to document citizen response.  School and government officials, unfortunately, can not be relied upon to keep records.  This information can be used to leverage legislature discussions, and write legislation.  People you know who are concerned like you are need personal contact also.  Contact us if needed.

There are many other things that can and probably should be done.  But these are good steps to take.  You can learn what we have done by looking at our history button.  Please share your ideas and thoughts as well.

We can be reached at christians4science@gmail.com or find us on facebook

Remember the scriptures state to the Christian “But sanctify in your hearts Christ as Lord being ready always to give answer to every man that asks you a reason concerning the hope that is in you yet with meekness and fear.” 1 Peter 3:15