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An example of doing apologetics

The effort in pushing back evolution in public schools is well documented.  People can study how this work was accomplished.  We are happy to help others do similar things in other states.  We also want this effort to serve as an outlet for other works.  All these things are done for the glory of God.

Civic Involvement

Christians can meet with their representatives to make their voices heard. By meeting face to face your official can learn what is important and by offering suggestions you can empower your official to act on your behalf.

Local Board of Education

Christians who live in the community can ask to speak at the BOE meeting. By stating in writing and speaking clearly you can get a Christian voice into the educational mix. By asking the local paper to cover the event you can get your message out to a wider community.

Articles in the Local Paper

By preparing well-written and timely articles to the paper, your message can be read and received by others.

Teaching Apologetics to the Church

By conducting series of lessons on apologetics to the members of the church, they can be informed on the key issues, be better prepared as parents, and help promote your efforts to the community.