Ten Reasons to Challenge Evolution

  1. Life from non-life.  There is no evidence that life arose from non-living materials.  Stating it has is not science- it is a belief originating in philosophical naturalism.  Darwinists have to believe this fact to be true or their view of origins is destroyed.  The probability of this happening is essentially zero.  The new label called Chemical Evolution does not change the futility of evolution.  The rest of Darwinian Evolution is based upon this solid foundation of blind chance.  Time does not make the impossible become possible.
  1. New life forms.  The ameba to multi-cellular creature, fish to amphibian, amphibian to reptile, reptile to bird and animal, animal to ape and finally ape to man transition is assumed to have occurred.  There is not any evidence to substantiate this.  Assuming so or making many assertions and presumptions does not make for evidence.  Science is about evidence.  Evolution is about faith and belief in magic or the impossible.  It takes a lot of faith to be a Darwinist. Time for some reason is the hero of the plot.  Again, given enough time, the impossible becomes possible. Time is a measure- it can not do anything by itself. Anytime the word evolution is used the reader must be careful of the logical fallacy of equivocation also known as bait and switch.  This is used extensively by the evolutionist.  Is micro or macro change the topic under consideration? The reason why he must use this is due to a complete lack of evidence.  There are not only missing links in the fossil record but the entire chain is missing!  To say there is evidence when there is none constitutes lying to people.  Yes evolution is a big LIE! To state evolution as fact in educational settings is the same as lying to children.  To adopt evolution in K-12 curriculum standards is the same as indoctrinating future citizens into a worldview based upon lies.  Do you really want to support this effort with your tax dollars?  If we do not remove evolution who will?  Depending on politicians or the educational establish is misplaced trust. 
  1. Evolution is bad science.  Science is a search for causes.  Reasoning based upon evidence is key to new knowledge.  Science is not based upon unproven and unreasonable assumptions. Evolution is based upon the uniformity of nature.  This is foundational to science. The problem is evolution is an attempt to reframe philosophical beliefs that led the way to modern western civilization.  For this reason alone it should be removed from science education and moved to the philosophy class.  To make evolution the central unifying theme of science is to degrade science, dishonor our heritage, and turn all our knowledge and technological advancements into meaningless mindless events contained in  revisionist historical narratives.  This is not called progress. Many scientists dissent with evolution.
  1. Historical science is not operational science.  Real science is called operational science. Facts of science can be tested and verified in the laboratory. Assumptions or beliefs about the origin of the universe and life on earth are statements that can not be proven in the laboratory.  These notions or ideas raise important questions about where we came from and the purpose of man.  These discussions do not belong in the science classroom because operational science and technology are real and verifiable through experimentation. Origin science is being inserted in science education. It is being redefined and sold as real science. We are not buying it!
  1. Evolutionary ideas have consequences.  How can a person be awed by the wonder of science and at the same time believe as a fact they are no more than rearranged pond scum?  The truth is they can’t.  Darwinian evolution damages the human spirit and generates social ideas detrimental to society.  It degrades our culture and diminishes the nation. Even Stephen Gould, a leading evolutionist, stated that lawlessness increased rapidly after the promotion of evolution in the culture. So why do Darwinists believe evolution is the most significant achievement of mankind? Answer that for yourself. If man is no more than an animal and we kill animals for food then how can murder be wrong?  Winning is most important and why should I have to follow the rules?  Might makes right. Darwinists need to attend to the consequences of evolutionary thinking. This issue alone should get the attention of the public.  Click the link and study for yourself!
  1. Evolution is not rational.  If evolution were true then this Earth is just part of a random chance universe.  Science is based on order and predictability not on blind randomness. If the universe is random, then there is no moral law, no reason to use reason, no purpose, and no meaning to life.  Do people really believe this?  If any person believes murder is wrong or child molesters should be punished, then they cannot believe in evolution.  It’s that simple. We do not need more research to tell us what our conscience relates as truth. So why do we even entertain the idea that we should teach evolution as fact to our children from kindergarten until graduation?  Has this type of thinking over time been a root cause of the cultural decline in our nation?
  1. Evolution is inconsistent.  If one believes in evolution then all his ideas about the world are reduced to chemical accidents in his mind.  There is no truth or logic.  These are not material.  Nothing can be true for two people at the same time because each has his or her own mind to made up- of random chemical processes.  What is true for you does not have to be true for me. Who is to say I should not steal my neighbor’s car?  It will improve my survival value!  Why should there by any law limiting my conduct?  Laws are simply the thoughts of people based upon chemical actions in the brain during the time they were written.  In a random chance world the law should change based upon new thoughts.  Evolutionary ideas cannot be consistent by definition!  Who is promoting this type of thinking?  Are these people in educational leadership?  Are we paying their salaries?
  1. Natural selection and genetics do not support evolution.  These concepts are the cornerstones of the Darwinian evolution promoted in the framework.  Christians recognize that changes occur within kinds. This is due to the intelligent programming in the first kinds.  In the real world the amount of variation in future generations of organisms decreases over time.  For evolution to be true genetic variation must increase over time leading to new kinds or types of living things.  This must be true for evolution to be true.  But science has shown time and again that information is lost or degraded over generations.  There is a decrease in variation not an increase. One can conclude that the Darwinist has moved the intelligence for change from the design inherent to the kind and placed it somewhere in nature. Who are what is the selector in Natural Selection? Much time and taxpayer money has gone into studies concerning this idea.  The problem is the more mankind studies this issue the more evidence mounts that time moves genetic information downward not upward.   The public may want to know where their money is being spent.  The evolutionist has to convince the public that their view of this matter is true.  This belief and its promotion are central to their mission. They use many methods including the media and, yes, even the science classroom.  You are obligated to study this whole matter for out yourself and determine if the legitimate need for improving science education is not being co-opted by influential Darwinists in key positions.  Do your own homework!  Find the truth out for yourself.  Science people in the know or who know better should speak up even in spite of real or imagined intimidation. This bullying must end now! 
  1. Evolution stems from secular humanism.  Philosophical naturalism or materialism is the central tenant of evolutionary thought.  Man is the measure of all things. Man decides truth.  Man knows all.  Man can master all.  Man knows what is best.  In this belief system the natural world is all that was, all that is, and all that will be.  That rules out non material matters such as truth, love, justice, mercy, relationships, family, marriage, and virtue.  It rules out God, the Creator, written revelation, and any notion outside the natural world of the senses.  Does this describe the real world you and I live in each day?  One must ask if redefining the world and forcing this definition on the mind of man is the real intent behind the development of evolutionary thought and the main effort to promote this belief in the schools, even against common sense.  Individuals need to study these matters for themselves and think it through on their own.  After doing so, people may want to become more aware of how evolution is taught as fact and how to remove it from the curriculum.  This must be accomplished before the new standards are adopted by the state departments of education.  Christians involved in education can remain no longer silent.  Letting the Darwinist take over leadership positions in education has been the result.  Opposition now will expose this matter.  Christian people need to care more about what has happened and what is happening now!
  1. Evolution is hostile to the Christian world view.  Christians do not oppose science. They know that the author of written revelation is the same author of  revelation in nature. One compliments and explains the other. This brings enlightenment into the human mind and liberates the human spirit from the slavery and bondage of humanistic thinking. In a sense, evolution enslaves or oppresses the mind until recognition of creation begins to be understood. There has always been a battle between good and evil, between right and wrong, between truth and error.  Behind the curtain of Darwinian evolution, past the many assertions and baseless presuppositions, the honest investigator must ask why do evolutionists hold to this view of reality, why adopt this belief system?  Is a hostility of God or unwillingness to recognize God as Creator and judge of mankind the primary motives?  It is hard to read peoples’ minds especially when hiding behind academic desks and sheltered in universities and other bureaucratic establishments of power and influence.  But based upon what these people say and publish it makes you wonder if they really want to see the God of creation dishonored and public acknowledgement of him disrespected, discredited and diminished.  What better way to do this than to promote the notion of Darwinian evolution in the schools and use public money to fund this enterprise!  What kind of future do you want in the next generation?  It does matter what you believe and beliefs have consequences. That is something to think about for sure.