Who are we?

Our Mission

Promote God-honoring science among believers in God.

Defend Christianity effectively in secular world.

Confront the teaching of evolution in Georgia schools.

We are Christians.  We strive to follow the teachings of Christ and accept we have a role to play in our culture promoting christianity in all areas.  Science has been elevated above God in the secular culture.  We want to work with like-minded people and promote Christianity as the foundational starting point for science and institutions in America.

Core SCIENCE Beliefs

God created the world and universe.  He created man.  Both are rational.  Adam was the first scientist.  The world shows evidence of a mind behind its operation.  The Bible states this is God.  Man is limited but can learn about the world.  God commanded man to have dominion over the world.  Man must use his mind and discover facts about the world.  Focused study is science and in one area is known as a scientific field.  Man relies on the uniformity of nature to do science, needs ethics which we read in scripture, and harnesses nature producing technology for the service of mankind.  In all these steps man can honor or dishonor God but he can not succeed without God.  Genesis 1-2, Psalms 8, Psalms 19, Romans 1.

Our definition of science.  The study of the created realm, using the methods and practices of Science, relying on scripture as a guide, for the purpose of learning and serving mankind, all to the Glory of God Almighty.

Extraordinary Experiences

We have been quiet for a very long time.  The culture has quickly moved to a secular outlook.  Education has been a key arena of this change.  Christians are called upon to act.  By studying the history of the effort made to push back evolutionary teaching in Georgia public schools, christians and churches can be encouraged to use their freedom to promote Godly thinking in our nation.

In the rally at the capitol, or serving on the science team for Georgia science standards, or publishing articles in the local newspapers, or meeting with government officials, or having the work spotlighted by ATL news, their is excitement and meaning to Christian people in standing up for God in the area of science education.  This is not true just for church people but for homes everywhere across the state and across the nation.

Our Core Values

This work is overseen by the Elders of the Bremen Church of Christ.  Above that, Jesus is the head of the church and has given authority to his church to make believers in all nations.