Key Documents

These documents are very important in learning about how science is used to promote secular humanism especially in evolution.  There is much good work in the documents.  It is the evolutionary teaching placed in standards that should be confronted.  Please read and feel free to download these documents.





Current Biology Standards in Georgia.  This course is ground zero for evolutionary teaching. There is less evolution that was originally planned.

Draft of Georgia Standards of Excellence for Science.  Draft January 2015

Next Generation Science Standards Document This was to be the guide.  Had much evolution teaching.  Public concern led to non adoption of these standards.  How to Read the Standards  Guidance on reading standards.

Our examination of NGSS.  Here we provided a clear expression of our concerns along with detailed responses to the content.

Original language in the Framework Document. This is where it all began.  The NGSS was to be formulated from this document.

A brief critique of Framework language. This is short and to the point. A more detailed document can be found next.

Biblical Answers to Evolution Language  Point by point response to the Evolutionist.  Detailed response to Framework Document

Statement Read at Committee Meeting  Letter read out loud to Georgia Science Committee May 25, 2012

Church Announcement  Power point slide to use for your church.  Adapt as needed. 

Is Evolution Scientific?  This is a devastating audio presentation exposing Darwinism.  Free to download.

Scientists who dissent with Evolution.  We are told educated people do not believe in evolution.  Look at this list.  You are not alone.

Georgia Application  This is how Georgia got involved in the first place.