Short Intro

Welcome to our site and thank you for your interest!  The following brief introduction will give you all you need to know about this work and suggestions to learn more.

Christians 4 Science is a work of Christians dedicated to defending the Christian view of life in our culture.  One reason for the problems in our schools and government can be traced to Christians not challenging or working together in promoting Christianity and opposing humanistic thinking.  It is not too late to get started.  Now is the time.

This effort is to promote the good and positive view of life from a Biblical or Christian framework.  Jesus the Lord of Glory is worthy of our defense.  We believe Christian people need to study through this issue and step out in front.

Secular Humanism is the major challenge to Christianity in our time.  Rather than Christ being the foundation and center of our lives the secularist has accomplished much in replacing God with Man.  Man now is the measure of all things.  Man can decide what is true, what is right and wrong, how we know anything, and how we all should live our lives.  The educational system including k-12 schools, the government including the courts, and the media including entertainment, have been the chief instruments. Sadly, we have stood by and watched this happen.

The religious foundation of humanism is evolution.  Evolution is a system of beliefs about origins that can not be defended in a rational way.  Evolution as a fact of science is the big LIE. If evolution is challenged, the power and influence of humanism will be greatly weakened.  Humanism is a futile religion, dishonors the Creator, and drives moral decay.

This year, 2015, will be the year evolutionary teaching will be made the “law of the land” in science classrooms across the nation.  The National Academy of Science, along with key organizations in science education, are behind this effort.  The education system is the instrument.  Updating the science curriculum is the opportunity.

Each citizen needs to know that when any effort is made to improve education in America, the secular humanist has been active in pushing their agenda one step further and making their viewpoint dominant in required curriculum.  This is being accomplish by adopting new science standards without public consideration or opposition. Twenty-six states have signed up for this effort and it is assumed the others will follow.

This site is an educational tool to help you know what is happening and what you can do.  In short, you need to see the information for yourself and get involved in opposing evolution.  You can do this by signing our petition, learning more and helping us get the message out.  Much has been done by way of example to you.  You can be encouraged and humanism can be defeated!

To learn more follow these steps.  Read our original homepage.  Watch the overview video.  Read the What is Happening Now and Ten Reasons button.  Click the Evolution in NGSS Curriculum button and download the document.  Read it and see for yourself.  After that look at the rest of the buttons.  Take some time every now and then to return to the site and learn more.  Also read the Update button.  Learn what is happening in your state.  Do not forget to email us any questions you may have.  Thank you for your time.